Matt Donnelly’s Insights on: The Rise of Mobile Payments

Matt Donnelly – Vice President, Security & Solutions

Matt Donnelly was interviewed at this year’s Mobile Payments Conference and discussed the adoption of mobile payments in the United States, the future of the ‘pays’, and the opportunity for loyalty rewards and targeted incentives.

Posted November 15, 2018 | READ INSIGHT

Jack Hain’s Insights on: Amazon and Google Face New European Problems

Jack Hain – Associate Director, Platform Connectivity

European regulators have a storied history of taking American tech companies to task under the region’s comparatively restrictive anti competition rules and regulations. If recent investigations and rulings are any indication, the latest generation of technology titans (e.g., Amazon, Google, Facebook) are finding out the…

Posted October 17, 2018 | READ INSIGHT

With the use of electronic cash on the rise, banks and merchants alike need to take greater security measures to support and protect sensitive payment and account data. Tokenization is the optimal security approach for P2P, in-store and online payments. By replacing sensitive information with…

Posted September 8, 2018 | READ INSIGHT

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