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FreedomPay. The advanced payment platform for the entire commerce ecosystem.

Payments technology has advanced and adapted over time, and so has FreedomPay. Today, we’re the engine inside the world’s expanding yet interconnected ecosystem of commerce. We can apply our solution from scratch or show you how to adapt it to any legacy technology. We’ll meet you where you are, and take your payments technology to where it needs to be. Learn More >

PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with EMV and NFC

FreedomPay’s P2PE solution, fully audited and validated according to the PCI Security Standards, supports traditional and emerging payments technologies like EMV, and integrates into point-of-sale systems and payment processors.  With the coveted PCI validation, merchants employing the FreedomPay P2PE solution can reduce their scope for PCI compliance and can conduct their business with the assurance that no cardholder data flows through their systems.

In a perfect world, commerce would be this simple.

Consumers are more mobile than ever, and they seek out solutions that keep up with their lifestyle and deliver value after every step of the way. FreedomPay technology helps companies in hospitality, retail, financial services, manufacturing and contract food services to make payments faster, smoother, simpler and smarter than ever before. In the process, they develop deeper and more valuable relationships with every customer.




We’re here to make your life simpler and payments smarter.

FreedomPay is the complete, end-to-end white label commerce platform that helps our partners connect the world of commerce smartly, securely and seamlessly. We enable companies to understand, unlock and unleash the potential of in-store, online and mobile commerce for the purpose of business growth. Learn More >


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