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FreedomPay has a long history in secure electronic payments.


Setting the standard for security with Contactless, tokenisation and PCI Validated P2PE

Securing sensitive payment data and minimising a merchant’s exposure to PCI DSS and GDPR scope are now more critical than ever. FreedomPay is helping enterprises ensure the security of their customer data with PCI-Validated P2PE and tokenisation that dramatically reduces the costs of compliance and eliminates risk. With Contactless payment acceptance being mandated across Europe, more cash transactions are and will be displaced by NFC enabled cards, wearables and smartphone wallets. The unrelenting growth in electronic payments has increased potential security vulnerabilities and emphasises the need for secure payment acceptance and processing.

However, it is now possible to have all the advantages of integrated payments without the time, costs and risks associated with legacy systems. PCI P2PE coupled with FreedomPay’s ‘CardStorTM Tokenisation is the gold standard in payment security and renders previously sensitive payment data useless in the event of a breach. For the ‘Cardholder not Present’ world of web and mobile based payments FreedomPay’s inclusion of 3D Secure 2, also brings the latest in Strong Customer Authentication and compliance with the latest Payment Services Directives.



Hosted Payment Page

The hosted payment page is a secure online payment solution for e-commerce websites. The white-labeled responsive design solution is hosted by FreedomPay and accepts user payment information, authorizes the transaction, and returns a token for that authorized transaction.


PCI-Validated P2PE Pay-at-Table Solution

FreedomPay’s Pay-at-Table solution enables hospitality guests to pay their checks via Contactless cards, mobile wallets and mag-stripe cards at their table without the assistance of a waiter. The FreedomPay solution is offered as an integrated toolkit for point-of-sale partners and combines all the benefits of PCI-Validated P2PE.


Full Data Security for Third-Party Transactions

FreedomPay’s Payment Information Proxy (PIP) is the simplest way to secure transactions generated from third-party sources. The PIP captures payment data and transaction information from outside sources and tokenises the cardholder data prior to it entering a merchant’s point-of-sale and Property Management Systems.


Flexible Solutions for Alternative Transactions

The FreedomPay Virtual Terminal (VT) solution enables credit card information to be securely entered by a phone or back-office representative through a simple “plug-and-play” PCI-validated P2PE payment terminal.

Our goal is to help you turn electronic transactions into priceless business information. It’s a paradigm shift, all right, and here’s how we do it:

  • Switch

    Use one gateway to streamline every transaction.

  • Integration Library

    Boost your enterprise without re-engineering everything.


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